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I can´t add an operational amplifier in my design. | Cypress Semiconductor

I can´t add an operational amplifier in my design.

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I m using a PSoC 7124 BTLE and I cac´t add a single opamp.  This error appears:

Unable to place component "\Opamp_1:cy_psoc4_abuf\". Either the design is bigger than this chip can handle, or the design is over-constrained and there are not enough resources to satisfy the constraints.

I am using few thing of the PSoc, and in the and in the project datasheet is saying that I can use 2 OpAmps.

Any idea,

Thanks in advance,



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Post you project for forum to look at -


“File”                                                             Creator

“Create Workspace Bundle”


If you are using Creator 3.3 There is a Resource Meter tab, upper right

border of Creator that shows resource usage. Also you can, in work space

explorer, for any Creator version, see a table in the results tab, file ending

in *.rpt, a table of resources used and left.


Regards, Dana.

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Do you use anything else that my be dopne as OpAmp (PGA, buffer...)? Or do you already use one of the dedicated OpAmp pins on P1 for something else?

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