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How to flash hex file in PSOC4 ble | Cypress Semiconductor

How to flash hex file in PSOC4 ble

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There is any tool or software which flash hex file directly to cypress chip.

any other file also required for psoc4 ble apart from hex for running application.

Thanks in advance

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To flash HEX directly to the Cypress chip, you need to use PSoC Programmer ( ). It is a free tool.

If you are using a Cypress kit to program a device, then the kit may have another device (PSoC 5LP) with KitProg firmware that can be used to program the device on the kit. If you need to program a PSoC device separately, you need to use a MiniProg3 ( ).

You don't need any other file, except the application HEX file, to program the kit successfully. In case any update is required for the KitProg/MiniProg3, it can be done from PSoC Programmer -> Utilities Tab.

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