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Help in a new project (mic,sdcard,ble) | Cypress Semiconductor

Help in a new project (mic,sdcard,ble)

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I am new to cypress products, and i have the cyc8kit-042-ble. I'm an electronic student and i have been requested to make a system that have 4 MEMS microphones (3 digitals,1 analog) to record sound, store it to an sdcard (maybe 64gb), send it over bluetooth on user request.
(The stored files would be analysed later to count words but it is not my part.)
See first block diagram (look at picture).

1) Is this all system is possible on the kit i have ? how would it be complicated for a student like me ?
2) How to connect an sd card to the kit, is there any module/shield compatible ? i didn't find any component in the list (top design) neither some library. What kind of communication ?
3) What components for the top design would i have to use ? (mic = mems ? , buffers , mux ,etc)
4) Is there some code to cancel noise, and for wav format ?

Thank you.

ps: sorry if there are some english mistakes, it is not my native language.


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Welcome in the forum, Gabriel.

1) Probably. How complicated for you I cannot tell.

2) SD card uses spi as interface and emfile as library to store in a usual format. Example here.

3) You should have a brief look at all the components your PSoC4 offers, a documentation is always only a mouse click far away.

4) Noise cancelation is usually done by first oversampling and then averaging the data stream.


Happy coding


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Hi ,

thank you for your fast answer.
2.I have downloaded the files, what am i suppose to do now, i can't open them in creator. And where can i find a module/shield to buy specifically ?
3. I have already an idea about the components but i asked for brief list so i don't forget something.
4. I see, thank you for that. Is that has to be done by software writing code ( library ?)  or .. ? please tell me more about converting the data to wav format.

ps: Sorry to ask some basic questions but i am very new to all that electronic world...


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Hello Gabriel,

You should search for a SPI shield( Like Bob told you) with SD card adapter on it. One such example is

This board as I see has 5V and 3.3V which is ok for PSOC. You can also find others from Arduino but take care of the working voltage because the majority use 5V which will not work for PSOC.

I do not have a big experience with wav files, but in my understanding you should add to the raw data that you obtain via the MUX a header specific to WAV format. I suggest to store the audio format as bytes and transfer them to the Client. If the client is a smartphone app or desktop app it is easier to convert the bytes there to a wav than on the PSOC. For high-end programming languages like C#/Java you can find libraries and find out the encoding they do for creating wav from raw bytes but it does not make sense to make this on PSOC if you have the possibility to do this on an app.

Best regards!


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Here is a link to a PSoC4 SD card project



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Transferring large data sets over BLE is going to be a little bit complicated. BLE was not designed to stream data (like a serial port does). Its using an event-publish mechanism designed for status updates.

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