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Headset Profile (HSP)

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is there any hope of getting the Headset Profile  added to the PSoC's BLE   recognized profile list? Seen here.

I would like to design a PSoC 4 BLE project that can connect to existing bluetooth headsets or earbuds, in order to play a short, prerecorded tune.


Or perhaps there is way to build a custom profile to match the HSP specs?

Are there any example of doing something similar to this?

I am a novice at using BLE, so I am worried about getting a custom profile to work with existing products


Thank you for any advice.

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Probably not. We are here in BLE which is Bluetooth Low Energy. Continuously sending audio data is not "Low Energy".



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I agree with Bob. I guess that is pretty much the reason why there is no Headset profile for BLE. Apart from low power, reliability of the continuous data for audio maybe a problem.

But if you do want something like "voice" transfer over BLE, you can find the custom implementation in the CY5672 BLE Remote RDK ( Do note that it is voice and not audio; there is difference between the two.

Additionally, if you want to design your own BLE custom profile, then you can refer to the following application notes:

1) AN91267 ( for learning BLE basics

2) AN91162 ( that will help you with the steps required to design custom profile.

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