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Flash overload when compiling in PSOC Creator 4 | Cypress Semiconductor

Flash overload when compiling in PSOC Creator 4

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I have some code that used to compile successfully under PSoC Creator 3.3.  Admittedly it was running pretty close to the wind (about 99% flash usage), but it still compiled OK.

I've recently updated to a new machine, and so went with the latest version of PSoC Creator, which is version 4.0.  Now, when I try and compile my old code, it crashes and tells me I am 968 bytes over my limit.  I am using a CY8C4127LQI-BL473 chip, which has 128kB of flash.

If I change the device to a CY8C4128LQI-BL473, which has 256kB of flash, I can get it to compile and it tells me I'm using 132321 bytes of flash (which explains why I'm having issues with the 4127 chip).

But in both cases (PSoC Creator 3.3 or 4.0) I am compiling the same code, yet under PSoC Creator 4, my code needs more flash memory.

Anyone else seeing this issue?  Any idea what has changed with the new version of PSoC Creator, and how I might be able to get my compiled code a little leaner?



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PSoC is a group of blended flag exhibits made by Cypress Semiconductor, highlighting a microcontroller and configurable coordinated simple and advanced peripherals. PSoC is a product arranged, blended flag cluster with an implicit MCU center. Assignment Expert

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