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FCC Testing

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I would like to do the FCC testing of the Custom Hardware. Cypress Technical support team has provided me a sample project.

As per the project, We need to put BLE into Host Controller Mode. Can we write some code and put ble into Host controller mode?


I am thinking of creating a custom BLE profile which will accept Mode of operation, Channel, and Power level using BLE.

Board operation will be-

1) Turn on the Unit

2) Pair 

3) Enter 

    a) Power Level

   b) Channel

  c) Mode of Operation

4) Turn off Phone/computer used to communicate to the device

5) Run the test 

6) After one test is done, power cycle the device, and GOTO 2   (had to put a goto statement in there)


After power on , device will be in advertising mode. Pair with mobile or CySmart tool and accept user options. Then switch to Host controller mode and run the test.  Is it possible to implement?

Or suggest some good option.

Note - I don't have UART block/pins available.






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Currently, the BLE stack for HCI mode and for Central/Peripheral mode are different. Only one of them can be compiled at a time (using BLE component settings).

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