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Doubts about PSOC WDT

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We are developing system where we need to use the WDT as safety method for system SW crash.

The WDT in only RESET works properly, (CY_SYS_WDT_MODE_RESET), but when we set WDT into ISR and Reset mode, it doesnt work properly, why?, 


We have this code


With the Start function, we initialize the WDT, with a predefine time, that we obtain in the input argument of the function.

With the clear function we "clear or reset" the counter, to prevent the reset.

If we stay some time in a infinite loop, and don't want it,  don't clear the WDT, and enter in Wdt_ISR_Stop(); we stop to attend the ISR, the system will be reboot in the third unattended ISR. If for some reason, between the RESET and the first ISR didn,t attend, the SW get out from the loop, and we have others ClearWdt, the reset won´t occur. It seems that CySysWdtResetCounters(CY_SYS_WDT_COUNTER0_RESET) function, reset the ISR unattended counter.


Thanks for all



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Hi Carlos,

Are you connecting the ISR to the global signal reference component? You can refer to the WDT_P4_Example Example Project in Creator on how to configure WDT for both reset and interrupt. This can be configured in the .cydwr -> clocks -> Low Frequency Clocks.

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