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Dongle Firmware Version

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I am using CySmart version 1.0 (from the Dec 31 download).

I am connecting to a BLE dongle from the  CY8CKIT.


CySmart refuses to connect to the dongle, and instead say it needs to be updated with the firmware from

C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\CY8CKIT-042-BLE Kit\1.0\Firmware\BLE Dongle\Hex Files\BLE_Dongle_CySmart.hex


I have used the PSoC Programmer version  3.22.0  and reprogrammed the dongle with this hex file.


I have also downloaded the Dec 31 hex file version  from here  and programmed that hex.


Niether of these hex files have changed CySmart's mind, it still says the current firmware is not supported.


Can someone please confirm that the latest version of CySmart is valid, and the dongle hex file is valid?

I can find no other options for making this work. 

Thank you




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 Have you updated the FW on the BLE part via the Update Firmware button the Utilities tab?  

There are two parts on the dongle and each may require a FW update.  The PSoC 5LP USB bridge is updated by programming the hex file as you described.  The BLE part is udpate by connected to the dongle in PSoC Programmer, going to the Utilities tab and selecting Udpate Firmware.

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If you face any issues, with CySmart in recognizing the dongle, please do the following steps:


a)      Upgrade the KitProg (PSoC 5LP) firmware in the dongle. (Please check Page 39 of:

b)      Now Program the latest BLE Dongle CySmart hex to the PRoC device (available for download from :


Regards, Dana.


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I had the same problem. Dana's explanation above solved it for me. Thanks!

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 I had the same problem, but Dana's steps solved it. Thanks Dana for the direct & simple steps. However, it didn't work from the first time, so i did the following:

1- From Control pannel>Device manager, i disabled any device that is using the COM port to illiminate conflict posibilities

2- Restart your PC

3- Apply Dana's steps

it should work now

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I tried all the suggestions here, however, I have not had any luck getting past this problem.

Any other suggestions please?



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Hi David,

Updating the CySmart dongle is a 2-step process

1. Step #1 is to update the KitProg firmware on the dongle (the programmer firmware).
You can do this by opening the latest version of PSoC Programmer, and then under the Utilities tab you will find a button to update firmware.

2. Step#2 is to update the firmware of the PRoC BLE device on the dongle.
You can do this by loading the required HEX file in PSoC Programmer, then hitting the Program button to update the PRoC BLE device on the dongle.


Please ensure you have the latest kit files from the website:


hope that helps!


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Another engineer and I both had issues with the dongle that came in each of our kits as well.  I wrote up some instructions with screenshots that could help fix the issue, you can find them at


I hope the link helps, best of luck.

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