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Do Cypress's new BLE chips also support dual-mode bluetooth? | Cypress Semiconductor

Do Cypress's new BLE chips also support dual-mode bluetooth?

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 Hi, I'm wondering if the new PSoC4/PRoC BLE modules are also able to use "classic" bluetooth communication? I know that both systems use identical/similar radio hardware, but that the modulation used for BLE is simpler and the standard isn't backwards compatible. 

I've been looking for an easy general-purpose bluetooth module for a while now, specifically for HID and wireless audio. If the new Cypress parts support both operating standards that would be incredibly awesome. 

I'll keep my fingers crossed, I have the pioneer kit shipping right now. Either way it'll still be useful hardware, I might just have to continue packing an extra chip on a few things for a bit longer. 




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 PSoC 4BLE/PRoC BLE only supports BLE and is not compatible with Bluetooth BR/EDR :(

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 Ah, too bad... Well at least I'm happy to realize that BLE has built in support for most things like HID. Standard bluetooth is supposedly going to die out eventually anyways. 


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We are currently evaluating the BLE solution and our results so far is that the PSoC solution is really great!

But for compatibility reasons the BLE is not always useful. With hundreds of millions devices out there with older BT (non BLE) implementation your market size shrinks enormously for your product.

In our tests we found that many devices can't even connect with the BLE solution of Cypress. This is a big setback as we found that the Cypress Bluetooth solution looked very promising at first, but once working with it we figured it is not useful for our products.

What is missing is somehow backwards compatibility with other BT stacks.

I personally hope that Cypress comes up with a solution for this.


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Thanks for your valuable input. Feedback like this will help the device to improve.

I agree that a lot of devices outside have support for Bluetooth Classic only and will not support BLE. But I feel BLE is relatively younger but is being absorbed at an incredible rate, from wearables to smart homes to smartphones. It is not far when it should become widely used standard for various low power wireless applications.

I am more concerned on your comment that you "found that many devices can't even connect with the BLE solution of Cypress", which I feel should have not been there. Where these 'devices' BLE capable? Can you let us know for what particular application or scenario the solution did not work?

You may create a technical support case and the team should be more than happy to help you out in fixing the issue.

For creating a technical support case, please go to -> "Design Support" -> under 'Support', click on 'Create a Support case' -> 'Contact Technical Support'. You should be registered before you can access the page.

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