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Device Name persists after changing | Cypress Semiconductor

Device Name persists after changing

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The current device name in my Gap Settings is "SN01234567890123456"  But an iOS app I have written in swift is scanning and getting instead the device name "sensor ID not set up yet" which is thought I changed when I entered "SN01234567890123456" in the device name window of the Gap Settings page.  I've searched both my c code running on the pioneer kit and my swift code running on the iOS device for "sensor ID not set up yet" and can't find it in either place.  I've also looked at the name characteristics with CySmart and can't find it.

But here's the weird thing, both the CySmart on my pc and CySmart on the iOS device scan and receive the correct device name "SN01234567890123456"  So the culprit must be my swift code.  But I can't find any obvious problems.

Any idea what's going on?

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You can refer to the iOS CySmart source code and adopt the same in your App.

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