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CyBle_GapcSetHostChannelClassification | Cypress Semiconductor


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In order to reduce the interference, I try to control the channel mapping.

Once the device is connected, try to execute the following. 

But sometime it will failed report HCI 0x28 instant change.


So how to improve this? 



     DBG_PRINTF("CYBLE_EVT_GAP_DEVICE_CONNECTED: %x \r\n", cyBle_connHandle.bdHandle);
          uint8 b[]={0xffu,0xffu,0x0u,0x0u,0x10u};  
          uint8 b[]={0x1u,0x0u,0xffu,0xffu,0x10u};  

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Did you produce the issue on Cypress board CY8CKIT-042-BLE ?


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If I set the min/max connection time to 7.5ms, it will happen.

Once I change to 7.5ms-20ms, this error ratio reduced.

But I need to fix to 7.5ms so I need some suggestion on the improvement.

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