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CY5670 USB Dongle

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Hi all,

I need to test the CY5670 USB Dongle as a GATT Server with a bluetooth name, connect it and send e receive command from a UART serial port software terminal

If I start Putty or TeraTerm and set the parameters COM7, Baud rate 115200, Parity Even, Data Bit 8, Stop bit 1, I don't receive any response.

Are there commands documentated to send through COM port to set the bluetooth name, bluetooth discoverable, etc?

Are they Hayes like commands?

Could you help me?



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CY5670 USB Dongle is shipped with a default firmware which is intended to work with CySmart PC App. Can you confirm if your requirement is HCI (Host Controller Interface) Mode Operation or use the Dongle as BLE-UART Bridge? (

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Thank you BMAH.

Now I'm looking for documentation about if is it possible to send commands from the serial interface to the USB dongle; can I disconnect a remote smartphone connected, change the advertising name, assign a specific mac-address, etc?

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