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CY5670 Dongle won't connect | Cypress Semiconductor

CY5670 Dongle won't connect

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     I have the CY8CKIT-042-BLE kit and have used the CY5670 dongle with CySmart 1.2 and it has been very useful.  Now suddenly CySmart won't see the dongle.  It brings up a dialog that says I have to update the firmware to C:\Program Files(x86)\Cypress\Cysmart1.2\dongle\CY5670\BLE_4_1_Dongle_CySmart_128K.hex.

 But when I open PSoc Programmer 3.24.2 It says the dongle is running that file. (see  PNG attached)

Successfully Connected to KitProg/BLE0F20122F03314400 at 4:32:11 AM | KitProg Version 2.16
Opening Port at 4:32:10 AM                                          | 
Device set to CYBL10162-56LQXI at 4:32:09 AM                        | 131072 FLASH bytes
Device Family set to CY8C4xxx-BLE at 4:32:09 AM                     | 
Active HEX file set at 4:32:09 AM                                   | C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\CySmart\1.2\dongle\CY5670\BLE_4_1_Dongle_CySmart_128K.hex
                                                                    | Users must be aware that the following PSoC device should not be powered or programmed at 5V. Doing so will cause damage to the device: CYRF89xxx
Session Started at 4:32:08 AM                                       | PPCOM Version 20.0

So it has the correct file but still won't use  it.  All my Cypress programs have been updated to current, Any suggestions what I can do ?

Thank you,

--jim schimpf


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Probably you mix two different resources needed:

The Kitprog which seemingly is up-to-date

and the firmware. You can see which hex-file to be programmed is selected, but you cannot see that the file has been programmed.



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Longer note got stuck in the spam filter.  But ran the PSoC programmer and it said it successfully loaded the named file.  Ran CySmart 1.2 and it said I needed to program the donger with said file.  Is there something I'm missing.

Thank you

--jim schimpf

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