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Cooperative trainer behavior - request for knowledge | Cypress Semiconductor

Cooperative trainer behavior - request for knowledge

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Recently a friend and I both purchased the psoc 4 ble trainer and have been enjoying tinkering around together with the example projects, including the element14 100 projects of psoc4 (to some success and a lot of failure, which is just as much fun). I also heard that a new 100 ble projects was coming soon. Very excited to see this!

What I came to ask, or am in search of is a way that both of us could link our trainers together. Nothing fancy, we've just been talking a lot about trying to figure it out, and we are in no way anything more than pure novices. Something that could allow one of us to turn on the led of the others trainer with the push of a button or something simple. Would anyone here have information that could help us with this experiment or could direct us to some great, easy to understand knowledge so that we may figure out how to accomplish something like this?

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time.

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Welcome in the fascinating world of PSoCs and in the forum!

Here is the first of the 100 projects

A deep and windy insight into BLE is here

and some brand-new FAQs here



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