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Connection parameters update

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Hi cypress community,

I'm trying to re-negotiate connection parameters from peripheral just after connection. To do this i'm using CyBle_L2capLeConnectionParamUpdateRequest() function in CYBLE_EVT_GATT_CONNECT_IND event.

Function return an error ( CYBLE_ERROR_NO_CONNECTION).

To avoid this error i tried to put this function later in my process loop checking cyBle_state to be sure it's connected

...same error

I don't understand why it return a non connection error....


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What is the value of the first parameter (bdHandle) in the function 'CyBle_L2capLeConnectionParamUpdateRequest'?

Try the first parameter as 'cyBle_connHandle.bdHandle'.


Also ensure that the connection parameter values you are entering as second parameter in function is in acceptable range of the Central device you are negotiating it with.


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It was an error with auto completion. First parameter was wrong.

Thanks for help !

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