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Connection Event not Firing

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 Hello All,

     I was hoping some of you might be able to help me out. I'm quite new to the PSoC 4 BLE. I was editing the Central IAS example (Project 6 in the 100-in-100). I was trying to make the PSoC 4 BLE act as a central/server to an RFduino I had purchased as well.

     I was able to manage to get the PSoC to find the MAC address of my RFduino, and after confirming that the address has been found, any attempt to use command "CyBle_GapcConnectDevice(&connectPeriphDevice);" the appropriate event to conect never fires. I've confirmed via debugging that the connectPeriphDevice variable does in fact have the correct address. I can get it to connect in the example project from the 100-in-100, but it consistently fails here.

     Has anyone had issues with the command that sound similar to this?

Tag! You're it,

Max De Sousa  

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Can you upload your modified project?

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