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Connect two PSOC4 BLE together | Cypress Semiconductor

Connect two PSOC4 BLE together

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I'm still pretty new to BLE development on psoc4 and I feel like what I need to do must be simpler than I think. I have two PSOC4 BLE that I want to pair. One should be the server (I only need to store and update one custom service with value 0 or 1) and one should be the client (and it should be notified when the custom value changes and light a LED). 

I'm confused as to how I can pair the two of them together with minimal input/output and I don't know where to start with the coding. Down the road I would like to implement encrypted connection or low power mode, but I just want it to work for now so I can wrap my head around this type of connection. 

Any help will be appreciated!

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Try this program example.  There is also a PDF with some information in the files.

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