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Clock PSoC4BLE

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Hi everyone,

I'm using a CY8C4247LQI-BL483 and for our application the use of the bluetooth is not necessary, I'm wondering if I can remove from my design the two crystal 32Khz(WCO) and 24Mhz (ECO). If I'm right I will be able to choose ILO and IMO as define in the datasheet's schematic:


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Hello Alex,

I think you can remove the crystals. The BLE only uses ECO which is driven by the 24 MHz as you stated. If you do not need WDT with high precision and also counting time in sleep mode the 32 kHz can also be removed.

My question will be if you do not need BLE why not choosing another chip from Cypress or other company. I think this approach will be cheaper in long term HW creation.

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