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Cant program PSoC 4 BLE MODULE | Cypress Semiconductor

Cant program PSoC 4 BLE MODULE

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Due to an project i am using the psoc 4 ble module to enable a device the ble functionality. To program the module i am using the miniprog 3. Everytime i try to program the module with the psoc programmer i got a fail. The MINIPROG 3 is listed on the psoc programmer so i think there are no driver issues.

My settings are:

  • Powercycle on because there is no externel power supply
  • SWD protocol
  • Controller: CY8C4247LQI-BL483 
  • 5 pin

The connection between the miniprog3 (CY8CKIT-002) and the PSoC 4 BLE MODULE (CY8CKIT-142) is shown in attachment CON1.jpg.   The settings for the psoc programmer and the fail message are shown in attachment PSOCPROG.jpg.

I am looking forward to read your replies. Thx

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I solved the problem myself. The solution ist that for some reason you can't use the PSoC programmer to program the PSoC 4 BLE MODULE. You have to program it by following these steps:

  • In PSoC Creator -> DEBUG -> PROGRAM
  • click on miniprog3 and open "Port Settings"
  • Active Protocol: SWD
  • Clock Speed 24MHz
  • Acquire Mode: Powercycle
  • Connector 5 pin 
  • Press OK and Port acquire
  • then click on found device under miniprog 3 and click connect
  • click ok and FINISHED 


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Welcome in the forum!

I think you should be able to use the programmer. You will have to make the same settings (power cycle is needed!). Although I would use 1.6MHz as the clock speed.



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