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breakout board for CY8CKIT-142 and CY5671? | Cypress Semiconductor

breakout board for CY8CKIT-142 and CY5671?

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I finished a project using the Pioneer CY8CKIT-042-BLE. I am trying to find a simple breakout board that I can plug the CY8CKIT-142 module into to demo the project to the customer. I have searched around but no luck.


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You can use an Arduino break out board and plug it in to the Pioneer Ble board. You didn't state the size you required . Amazon and others have them in the Arduino shield sections.

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I am sorry you want to plug in the Ble module to a breakout. You would need to make your own breakout board. the pin out layout is in the user guide PDF page 120 has the information for making your own board. 

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I needed something similar and started by trying to desolder the headers from the module, which was a bit of a non-starter. Think it would require hot-air and some patience. In the end, I used a dremel to cut of as much of the module headers as I could (Ensuring no shorts were left), and then soldered onto the header pins where I needed to.

Unfortunately, the two module headers are not on a 0.1" pitch, so you can't easily attach to a piece of vero-board. You can form 0.1" headers slightly, and can get creative with this type of header mounted vertically:

This may allow you to offset the pins by roughly enough, but it's always a tight fit.

What features would make a good breakout board. E.g. :

1) Matrix of 0.1" holes

2) CR2032 battery holder

3) LED's

4) Minimal size, or plenty of area to add more components?




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If you want a breakout board for the PSoC Module (CYBLE-014008-00 32pin SMT Module)  I have made the following and am sharing it:

It has a 24 pin dip footprint, header for the KitProg interface, and a dual LED onboard.   Contact me for the Eagle files if you need/want them.

/edit:  I have attached images of the schematic and board layout here, put I'm not seeing them after I post it...

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