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Bonded devices and temporary whitelist-only broadcasting | Cypress Semiconductor

Bonded devices and temporary whitelist-only broadcasting

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I'm designing an app that connects to a sole Bonded device and while connected will broadcast a non-connectable, whitelist-only advertisement to up to 8 different devices.

 Is the Bonded device stored in the same maximum-8 array, so that I would have to remove the bonded device address before populating the whitelist address?  

If so, after removing the bonded address, populating the whitelist, advertising, and clearing the whitelist, how would I add the bonded device back to the bonded list for future connecting would StoreBondedDevices still apply and would/could I call it during connection or after disconnect?

I'm using component 3.10 and noticed in the docs that CyBle_GapRemoveDeviceFromWhiteList removes all devices, bonded and whitelist, but a parameter to allow them to be removed separately isn't available with this version.  Is it a future release, or is it dependent on chip?


Thank you.

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As of now, removing the devices separately from whitelist and bonding is not available.


-Madhu Sudhan

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