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Blynk App or other IOT examples | Cypress Semiconductor

Blynk App or other IOT examples

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To the Cypress team and Community,

What solutions are you using for software, and getting data to the cloud?  Are you using dedicated gateways or smartphones?  It would be nice to see some more examples using popular cloud based services like Blynk, freeboard, Ubidots, Adafruit IO, AWS or Google IOT. 

In this instance, I am looking to use an app called Blynk, which is absolutely wonderful for a small company like ours to develop an IOT product without having to have a staff Android or IOS coder, which we could not afford.  I have looked into developing my own app, which has proven to be particularly daunting for BLE projects.

The problem is that all example code runs on Arduino-style C++ programs.  The list of examples for BLE is here:

I would like to dive in some more and try to port all of their libraries, but right now it seems like it would just be easier to use another device.  If I opened a ticket, is this something that I could get help with, or is it too big of a project?


Thank you,


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The Blynk is probably the best and likely to stay. Porting it to PSoC is on my todo wishlist (in some perpetuity...).

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