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Bluetooth Low Energy Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-042-BLE) | Cypress Semiconductor

Bluetooth Low Energy Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-042-BLE)

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As part of the launch of Cypress's new BLE solutions, we also have a brand new Pioneer Kit!

Bluetooth Low Energy Pioneer Kit

Part Number: CY8CKIT-042-BLE

Price: $49.00


Details: The BLE Pioneer Kit is a brand new development kit to evaluate and design with the two new BLE solutions from Cypress - PSoC 4 BLE and PRoC BLE. This $49 dev kit contains the following:

- BLE Pioneer Baseboard with KitProg Programmer & Debugger (PSoC 5LP-based). Arduino-shield compatible. 

- PSoC 4 BLE Module, and PRoC BLE Module. Both are FCC-certified, and either one can be plugged into the baseboard.

- CySmart BLE USB Dongle. Used for test and debug of BLE designs along with new CySmart for Windows utility.

- CySmart Mobile Apps for iOS and Android (available on the AppStore) 

- Coin-cell battery, cables and jumper wires


The BLE Pioneer Kit requires PSoC Creator 3.1 (Early Acess Beta version available from

The BLE Pioneer Kit Installer also includes several BLE example projects to get started with! Available on the kit's webpage at




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 A demo video for the dev kit is now online on YouTube


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 I got BLE pioneer kit. It work very well. But I have a problem with the communication with iPhone. I do not know how to connect them together. Do you have an example of Xcode to connect with BLE  kits as like as cysmart?  So it is more useful. 

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I got my Kit today. I am having firmware upgrade error, I think aI downloaded the latest firmware.

This is the error:

The target device selected in this window does not have a Silicon ID and Revision that matches the current project's selected device. Either pick a different debug target here, or go back and change the project's selected device. If you believe the target's detected revision number is incorrect, verify that the selected Debug Clock is 1/3 of the chip's Bus Clock and try running Port Acquire to reset the device.

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 The kit has two BLE modules (PSoC 4 BLE = red and PRoC BLE = black).. my guess is you have plugged one on your kit and trying to program with the firmware developed for the other. Swap the module and see if it works.

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@sukum99: You can install the iOS version of CySmart mobile app ( ). It will allow you to connect to any BLE device and transfer data using it. Also, it has cool GUI pages as interface for all the standard profiles as well as some of the CY custom profiles.

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