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BLE used for beacon | Cypress Semiconductor

BLE used for beacon

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I  notice the Estimote Beacon system (Similar to iBeacon) uses a Cortex M0 core with BLE for location of beacons.

Has anyone here used the PSOC 4 BLE for similar application? And if so, can you provide a link to any useful information or tutorial for using the device in this application.


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Wasn't there an example in 100 ble projects? Start searching here.



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As Bob pointed out, it should be present as part of the 100 day repository.

One example is of the Google's Eddystone beacons, which can be found here 

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I'm having the following problems with both BLE beacon projects (Project50_Eddystone and Project38_AltBeacon):

1.Debugger won't run. The message says:"Debugger exited unexpectedly during run. Encountered error (Target disconnected See output window for more information.)" This message is repeated in the output window so no additional info

2. I can program the device but none of the beacon locator apps , including the Cypress BLE-Beacon app, can detect the beacon

The only way I was able to see the device was with CySmart app

I tried to experiment with the service UUID but  that didn't help

I am using the latest version of PSoC Creator app 3.3 CP3 (, updated projects with the latest components and rebuilt them without problems. I also had to update the KitProg firmware with PSoC programmer 

I am evaluating the PSoC CYBLE-224110-00 if that makes any difference.

Your help is much appreciated

Thank you


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You can't debug in DeepSleep or LowPowerMode... or best isn't so easy!

Eddystone example uses these two mode so.... 

You must check ho to debug in Lowpower modes but I suppose that isn't so easy and however you can't use all features of debug!! My suggestion is to disable the low power and use a timer to manage Eddyston adverstiment.


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