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BLE stack/ library for WIndows application | Cypress Semiconductor

BLE stack/ library for WIndows application

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I am busy developing an application in C# Visual Studio that should communicate with a Cypress BLE chip. I went ahead and used 32Feet library just to play around with the some basic functionalities. But I didn't know that they don't support BLE.

What the application must do is the following:

  • A user should search for a bluetooth device (The Cypress BLE device to be exact)
  • A user should connect to it.
  • After a user has connected, it should retrieve certain data.
  • The user should then alter the data accordingly and send it to the device, where the device will then write that data to memory.

Is it possible to write such an application for a Cypress BLE chip that will support windows 7 and up in Visual studio or any other IDE? If so, is there an example, because I can't seem to find any.

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Use the BLE dongle and write your custom UART protocol to trigger all the stuff that you described. You C# code could just use the emulated UART interface and communicate user action to BLE dongle.

Awesome. Thanks Undesh. I didn't really think about that option. 

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