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BLE - software with 250 mtu | Cypress Semiconductor

BLE - software with 250 mtu

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Hi all,

i am a student and i am working on BLE, i am intend to buy cypress BLE dongle 931,

1. Is cypress ble dongle 931, does it support other ble controllers from TI, Brodcom, etc...

2. If I bought  the dongle, i want to send and receive 255 bytes in one event, (MTU), is it possible, 

2. And i need an software application, that i can receive all the bytes, and log then to text file.


I need your help.

Thanks in advance

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It should be compatible with any other BLE Product following the specification. I think the CySmart App can be used.

Thank you, 

specification like i want to use with nexux 5x cellphone it has bluetooth 4.2., i want to receive on PC. hope your post help me

Hi all,  

i just checked the websie of cypress, i found cy5677 dongle, which perfectly sets our development, but it is not available(out of stock),

can i go for cy5670 for the development, what is difference between Cy5677 and Cy5670 can you guys please update, 


Thank You

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