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BLE Example project did not work with CY8CKIT-042-BLE | Cypress Semiconductor

BLE Example project did not work with CY8CKIT-042-BLE

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 An example named BLE_Proximity does not work with CY8CKIT-042-BLE with PSOC BLE module on it.

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 It gives an error that SYSCLK is set to 48 Mhz but the current chip does not support this clock setting.

When I set it to 24 MHZ project builds, but it did not work.

The pdf file does not seem to suggest any configuration which should be done.


Any Ideas ?

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 I got it, as far as example is concerned. When you open an example project make sure it is for the right target. PSOC 4200 BLE in this case.

However there is still a problem with Android application. When I connect to the kit it gives me the FindMe profile instead of proximity.

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Peter,  Can you describe a bit more how you have set it up and I'll get somebody to take a look.





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Hi John,

 Here are the steps to reproduce my problem:

1. Create a new from existing example project (BLE_Proximity) for PSOC BLE which comes with the kit.

2. Build and program the PSOC. The disconnect from USB and put coin cell battery.

3. Press the button in order to advertising mode.

4. I start CySMart Application on my Android phone

5. I connect to the PSOC BLE 

6. I expect to find a Proximity profile , but is shows me FindMe. (this is what confuses me)

7. When I try to set High Alert or Low Alert , the software says ok, but then I do not see any reaction.

I am using CySmart Applicaiot downloaded from Cypress's website version is

Am I missing something ? 




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The BLE_Proximity project supports Link Loss Service (LLS). As per BLE definition, the LLS service allows the server to respond after it has lost the link/disconnected, not while you are connected. So I should expect that the Alert Level you set through CySmart will only act when you disconnect from the device.


Can you try this? After connection, set Alert level to either Mid or High (so you can see a LED status) and then disconnect from the kit. I would expect the LED to provide the status then.


As for the Find me name, currently the CySmart merges the services for Link Loss (LLS), Immediate Alert (IAS) and Tx Power Level under single GUI page, currently called as Find me.


But we do see your confusion with the name of the GUI page and will take this up as enhancement.



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Hello Rohit,

I have tried what you suggest. Below are my steps and results.

1. I created a new project from example project BLE Proximity. I did not do any modifications at all.

2. I programmed the PSOC BLE , no problems there as well.

3. I have started the CySmart on My android phone and then I connected to the kit.

4. I select FIndMe and then I select High alert

5. I press back key twice to disconnect the LED flashes blue/white

6. I connecte again , LED is OFF

7. I set low alert and then disconnect from the kit (press back key twice)

8. LED flashes blue/grenn


Is this the correct behaviour ?


Best Regards


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 Hi Petar,


yes it is correct behavior.




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