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ble dongle as a sniffer? | Cypress Semiconductor

ble dongle as a sniffer?

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Hi all,

Here is what I’m trying to do:

I have several PSOC4 devices as peripheral devices, they gather sensor data and broadcast them only as broadcaster.

And for central device, I want to use a BLE dongle as an observer, like a sniffer.

They don’t establish connections, they communicate unidirectional.

So my question is can ble dongle work as a sniffer with relative interface (show complete adv data it sniffed, APIs for custom windows software development).

As far as I am concerned, TI and Nordic both have this dongle sniffer, I don’t know if Cypress also got one.

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Yes, it can work as an observer. You can view the Advertisement packets received by the BLE dongle using the CySmart API.

Cypress provided libraries to build your own app as well, to obatin the data sniffed by the dongle.

The libraries are available with the CY8CKIT-042-BLE Package available on our website.


-Madhu Sudhan

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