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BLE Dongle Firmware Downgrade

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So in order for CySmart to detect the bluetooth dongle you need to But apparently this can only be done before updating the dongle firmware i.e. firmware version 2.0. I didn't know that and so I've updated the dongle to 2.12 and now need to downgrade it back using the KitProg.cyacd file. I've followed the instructions Restore PSoC 5LP Factory Program Using USB Host Tool but the problem I'm having is that when you plug in the dongle in service mode, USB Human Interface Device is supposed to appear as an option in the bootloader host tool but it doesn't for me. The host tool doesn't recognize anything when the dongle is in service mode. How can I downgrade the dongle?

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I would suggest you to continue with upgraded platform rather than downgrading. You need three pieces for complete update:

1) PSoC 5LP/KitProg update: For this, just install the latest PSoC Programmer -> Open PSoC Programmer -> connect BLE Dongle -> Go to Utilities -> Click on Upgrade Firmware. Wait for complete upgrade.

Note: Before upgrading, the dongle will switch to bootloader mode which is a new USB device, requiring new USB enumeration. If event after enumeration the upgrade soes not move, then disconnect and reconnect the dongle and try again.


2) CySmart HEX Download the latest file 'BLE Dongle CySmart' from Use PSoC Programmer to install this file to the PRoC BLE device on dongle.


3) CtSmart PC Tool: Download the latest version of the tool (1.1) from


Now your system should be able to detect the dongle correctly.


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