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BLE current advertising frequency

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How to know if the BLE device is scanning in FAST mode or SLOW mode? In fact, for my particular case, I would like to know when exactly the device is advertising to blink a LED at the same rate.


Denis Alain, Eng.

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No direct procedure to find whether central is scanning in fast mode or slow mode. When scanning mode changes from fast to slow, at the end of fast mode ,event CYBLE_EVT_TIMEOUT will trigger. you can monitor that one.


In addition to that you can read the register "BLE_BLELL_SCAN_INTERVAL" and "BLE_BLELL_SCAN_WINDOW" and see if the value matches with fast or slow modes.


When device is advertising CYB:LE_GetState() returns CYBLE_STATE_ADVERTISING. So you can tunr oN LED based on the return value of CYBLE_GetState(). If you want blink at the same rate of advertising then implement low power

and toggle the LED when API CYBLE_GetBLESSState() returns CYBLE_BLESS_STATE_EVENT_CLOSE


refer app note AN92584 for more details on low power modes




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Hi Vikas,

Thanks for your post! I will try it soon.
Best Regards, 


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