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Beacon communication + normal communication same time | Cypress Semiconductor

Beacon communication + normal communication same time

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I am thinking about a problem where I need your help. My device has two scenarios:


1 Scenario)

The device acts as a simple BLE beacon where it should transmit sensor data every 10 seconds, or whenever a user hits a button this Information should be transmitted. 

Should I therefore use the communication via Advertising packages like the beacons do it? How can I grab the data from a specific beacon do I have to transmit the UUID in case I have more beacons? There could be more the 200 devices in the same room would that be a problem?


2 Scenraio)

I want to use the same device a a Gamepad where I need to check the buttons periodically so do I need a static connection between the device and a BLE Master (Ipad). This can not be done by simple beacon advertising packets right? I need to establish a real connection?

Could I implement both scenarios on the same device?

Thanks for you help,


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You can implement both in the same device using two different services for button and sensor data.

The sensor data could be send as notifications every ten sec. Button status can be checked using a read request.

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