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Automatic Pairing for the IIoT? | Cypress Semiconductor

Automatic Pairing for the IIoT?

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I have iOS and Android apps for monitoring many, many ble sensors in an industrial environment.  The iOS/Android app automatically connects, reads and logs the characteristic values of each ble sensor that is within range and continues to automatically log ble sensors as the iOS or Android device moves through out the facility and new ble sensors come into range.  Is there any way I can encrypt the data coming from each ble sensor without having to manually enter a pairing password for each ble sensor that comes within range?  Can pairing be done automatically with one, or a few passwords which are stored on the iOS or Android device?  Is there another data encryption method not requiring pairing?


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You can avoid entering a password for pairing, if you are using 'Just works' pairing method. This can be achieved by using the setting I/O Capability as No input No Output. Please refer the attached project. Go through the documentation for description. Test the option of No input No output. I hope it will help your application.


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Hi Everyone, I am new to cypress ble and I want to know what is the I/O capabilities in Bluetooth security? Thanks

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