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I have been running in to trouble on my final software test :-(

I’m using the:
apiResult = CyBle_StoreAppData((u8*)&appConfig, (u8*)&appConfigAtFlash, sizeof(StAppConfig), 1u);

to save the data, and:
memcpy(&appConfig, &appConfigAtFlash, sizeof(StAppConfig));

to load the data, and everything look fine until I started to use the bootloader and the bootloadable.
So I was thinking that you could give me a hint on how I can get it to work. Any idea. 

Hope you can give a hint..

Best regards


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Hello Panduro,

If you are modifying data in flash with CyBle_StoreAppData() and also using a bootloader for firmware updates, you must use the "checksum exclude" area for all app-modified data. Refer to the AN97060 document found here:

Specifically, see Section 8.4.2 ("Using Checksum Exclusion") for details. This method will instruct the bootloader application validation routine to ignore changes within the excluded region of flash and still allow your application to boot even after storing new data there.

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