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Writing/Reading Data to/from FRAM (FM24V10-G) on PSoC4/PRoC BLE | Cypress Semiconductor

Writing/Reading Data to/from FRAM (FM24V10-G) on PSoC4/PRoC BLE

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I am extremely new to Cypress and have started using the CY8CKIT-042-BLE PIONEER KIT. It comes with PSoC4 and PRoC BLE. I was looking to store some data on the onboard 1MB F-RAM and retrieve it from there and so far haven't really gone anywhere with it. Are there any sample programs/code or tutorials showing the process of doing this from a programming point of view.

I am pretty much a beginner in this and any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance


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Aviraj: I am sending you a program that writes to the F-ram There is also another program that does the update over the Air.  You should check out this link for example programs. Also study the user manual for the Ble development kit.  When loading the file select the folder dated 12/16/2015. Enjoy the world of PSOC.

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