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Working with CY8CKIT-040 | Cypress Semiconductor

Working with CY8CKIT-040

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I have purchased CY8CKIT-040 which comes with color pallete. I am to run LED blink application.

My primary goal is to evaluate Tunner and understand how to play with different tuning parameter. So I am trying the tunner GUI with CY8CKIT_080_CapSense_I2C project. I am able to build the project properly but whenever I start the TUNNER GUI i get error message as "Read Operation failed: Check I2C bus Connection"

I have Checked schematic, the I2C connection is there between processor and PSOC, but still I2C communication is failing. I have gone through old thread with similar problem and made sure to follow them as well.

Please help.


Ultimately, I want to this with my custom board, so thats later goal first to get this working. I have also purchased Kit-Prog.




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Using CapSense Tuner: Not sure which component you use, there are two different CapSense components.

Check for using the correct I2C pins

Disable debugging (in .cydwr -> System -> Debug select -> GPIO

Check program for frequently calling the Tuner-API.



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