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Use old MiniProg with PSoC 4? | Cypress Semiconductor

Use old MiniProg with PSoC 4?

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Hi, folks. Somehow, in the process of programming my non-BLE PSoC 4 demo board I blew away the bootloader. My Arrow tech has offered to lend me his MiniProg (not a MiniProg3) if it will help me out. Hence the question:

Can a MiniProg (not a Miniprog3) be used to reload the bootloader on the PSoC4?


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Miniprog1 -


The CY3217 is the base Miniprog1 kit. This kit will provide the user with a programming tool that can be used to program all PSoC1 devices, except the CY25/26xxx devices. The kit includes a Miniprog1 and USB cable. The Miniprog1 is included with many of the evaluation kits, but the CY3217 is the stand-alone Miniprog1 kit to be used across all Cypress PSoC kits.


Answer is no for PSOC 4.


Regards, Dana.

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