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Usage of OpAmp

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In my custom design, I use OpAmp as a differential amplifier. Attachments are my circuit and my psoc4 project. When I compile the project, there is one warning notice in the tag of "Notice List", "apr.M0042:Bonded pin(s) "P2[3]" are not used in your current design but have been connected in order to route the design". Do I use this component correctly? How can I use OpAmp in the Topdesign.cysch?

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You are using pin2_3 but you didn't define the pin in your TopDesign. When you change that, the warning goes away.



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The Opamps have dedicated pins that provide best performance. When you route one of the Opamps pins to another pin, Creator will still occupy the dedicated pin (since the Opamp is in use).

You probably should use the dedicated pin. Btw: you can use the analog design viewer and find out how the internal signal routing got set up.

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