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UART interface and MAX232 | Cypress Semiconductor

UART interface and MAX232

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 Hello friends,

I am interfacing RFID  with  PSOC4 pioneer kit. The RFID output is obtained thorugh a DB9 connector, using UART interface. When I connect the pins directly i am not getting the correct values but only junk values. Should i be connecting a max 232 IC for interfacing the RFID reader?? Is there any other solution ?? What are the things to be taken care while doing it ?? can anyone give an idea how should I proceed ? 

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You should look at the specifications of your RFID receiver's outputs. When they are ttl-level you do not need a level-shifter, when they are -+5V or +-12V you must use a MAX232 or similar.



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I agree with bob it is the RS232 levels that are the issue with your program.  The PSOC likes 3.3 to 5 volt levels and levels above that will damage the PSOC board.  You could use some transistors and resistors to do that or use the MAX232

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