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Uart with big buffer and internal interrrupts | Cypress Semiconductor

Uart with big buffer and internal interrrupts

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I'm trying to write a function to handle the a GSM modem using AT commands and Uart (SCB mode).
Uart on SCB has RX and TX buffer 128 bytes each.
Unfortunately, my function not working properly.
This function reads 8-10 bytes instead of 128.
Sometimes also lost bytes.

There is no in PSoC Creator decent example  how to use a uart with big buffers.

Please can you help me and show you how to write this function.




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You should avoid interfering with the internal UART interrupt. Instead poll in main()

        while( SCB_SpiUartGetRxBufferSize())
            buf_RX[i++] = SCB_SpiUartReadRxData();

look for a delimiter in the message received as \n or \r, then process the message and reset i



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Attached is UART_RX project, which uses circular buffer to receive incoming strings an separate them into tokens. You can adjust Rx buffer size to your needs.

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