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timer interrupt

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Do I need UDB component to have a timer interrupt of 1second?

In PSOC standard clock was connected to interrupt, and that's all

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 No. You don’t need UDB. Just connet the signal to an interrupt component.

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3 possible non UDB approaches -


1) Use WDT and its low speed interrupt.

2) Use TCPWM block.

3) Use just a clk and an isr block. (This uses some macrocells in a UDB)


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Note, you cannot connect isr to a clock direct, thats the reason for the



Project attached.

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In PSoC3/5, there are global signals available - one of them is a 1Hz pulse. Is this available on the PSoC4 too?

(To answer myself: global signals are available, but only interrupt signals. No 1 Hz there...)

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