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Speeding up Bootloader

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I've tried to speed up the download rate of Bootloader.The code size is ~ 100k It currently takes 3:30 to download the firmware, yielding an effective baud rate of 4000! What can I modify to speed up this process? 

Below are my calculations and findings:

download time vs. baud rate setting

Baud Rate    download time
9600         5:51        
19200        4:37
38400        3:35
57600        3:34
115200       3:30
230400       3:30(as you can see,  a baud rate setting of 38400 and higher is NOT a limiting factor here)

code size: 104906 bytes

effective baud rate:  (104906 bytes * 8 bits/byte)/(210 seconds) => 3996 baud



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Hello David,


Can you please change 'UART_1_BYTE2BYTE_TIME_OUT' in UART.h to a number less than 25ms (say 10ms or 5ms ) and test with baud rate 38400? You need to reprogram the bootloader again after making the change. Also, instead of building the bootloader project, just 'generate' it after the modification, otherwise the changes will be lost.

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