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speciality of Psoc 4 device | Cypress Semiconductor

speciality of Psoc 4 device

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Dear sir
1)I want to purchase Psoc 4200 device and also I want to understand speciality of Psoc 4 device. ??
2)Is it FPGA or embedded development board ??
3)could I write assembly code
4) can I make device using verilog code ie. Gate flip flop

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The CY8CKIT-042 PSoC® 4 Pioneer Kit is one of the kits and it cost $25.00 there is also a CY8CKIT_044 at the same proce of $25 US dollars. You an also get a board for $4.00 dollars called the CY8Ckit-049 PSOC 4 Prototyping kit   You can program the device with C with the provided PSOC CREATOR 3.3 programing software.  Yes you can use Verilog to program special devices but it comes with a large library of devices from Cypress in the PSOC CREATOR 3.3. Also welcome to the FORUM!!

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