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SOIC8 PWM alternate betwen pins OUT and nOUT | Cypress Semiconductor

SOIC8 PWM alternate betwen pins OUT and nOUT

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On the Soic8 there is only one OUT and one nOUT,
as I want to provide pwm-half-sine on on pin first then switch it over to another pin to drive a h-bridge.

Can nOUT be selected though PSEL for OUT is not on?
I guess there is no option to not have nOUT inverted?, not a big deal as I just offset the sine-table to compensate for it.

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To be honest, I do not understand your terms. Soic8 is a package, but you do not tell what chip you are talking about. I do neither see an OUT nor an nOut or a PSEL on a PSoC4 SCB PWM, so could you please be a bit more specific?



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pin6: P1.1/OUT0: PWM OUT 0

pin7: P1.6/OVF0/UND0/nOUT0/CMPO_0: nOUT0 (Complement of OUT0), UND0,OVF0

So I want to be able to emulate a PSOC that actually have OUT0 on multiple pins as a choice for PWM,by using nOUT0 and turning regular OUT0 to GPIO state-low while not in use for that half sine.

Software can fix that nOUT is always inverted, but can it be used by itself?

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I am sorry that I couldn't understand the query completely. Could you please provide more details about your requirements? Can you please attach the snap shot of configuration that you want to implement in PSoC Creator?


Ramesh B

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Fact: on the SOIC8 there are only one PWM out, there is a second optional complimented-PWM.

Question: ​Can this second optional complemented-PWM be used by itself?

Why: As away of toggle the output of PWM between two different pins, as to drive a H-Bridge.

​Side effect: it's complemented that can not be corrected except by software as there is no setting to invert pwm to re-invert it?

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