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Shield Proximity Sensory Antenna | Cypress Semiconductor

Shield Proximity Sensory Antenna

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The proximity sensor feature in my PSOC4 is working exactly like I need for my application.  However,  I'd like to find a way to shield a portion of the "antenna" so that it doesn't respond to proximity.  

I can explain further if needs be.  

Also, I'll try to keep checking the post, since (and I keep having this beef with the forum) the forum doesn't email notify.


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You might post a CASE on this -


"Technical Support"
"Create a Case"


By sheilding one would think you lower the delta C allowed for detection,

eg. you are adding shield C to the static load on the key. However I wonder

if you bootstrapped the shield with an OpAmp if that would work. I have never

tried it, not a CapSense expert, but just thinking.....(which as my wife points out

often is a miracle for me when it happens)


Regards, Dana.


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 Thanks Dana! I'll post a support case!

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