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Search for number conversion function libraries

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Is there a good place to start to research psoc or gcc libs I can use in PSOC4 specifically for std functions like itoa or other number conversion functions.

My end goal is to pull data from eeprom and print to serial port as I start to develop code to interface with flash read/write APIs.

There isn't an easy method to convert eeprom address and data to ascii (strings) to send to a serial port.

I had some good library calls in an old element14 include that I used to do em_eeprom reads and dumps but having problem making them port.

I would like to use the below standard scb function and feed to it a number conversion functions that accepts flash memory location as parameter.

UART_UartPutString("\r\nNormal String Output \r\n");

Any help is appreciated.

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You can use sprintf() from stdio.h to convert binary to ASCII. Have a look here.



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