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Running PSOC4 Creator on a PC that is not 'online' | Cypress Semiconductor

Running PSOC4 Creator on a PC that is not 'online'

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I would like to run my Cypress tools on a PC (WinXP) that is NOT connected to the web. Is this practical / possible. I realize that it will not have access to the latest revision(s). What files do I need to transfer to this machine?

Thank you,

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I am not sure that will work because you need a license for the Keil software and that requires an internet connection. You can down load a ISO Cd version from the site. CY8CKIT-042 CD ISO (Creator CD). and burn a cd and then install it but I still think the Keil software will be an issue.

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Once you get the license you can work offline. PSOC 3 uses Keil.

PSOC 4/5LP use ARM GCC/GNU, no license needed.


Regards, Dana.

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