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Running out of UDBs too early | Cypress Semiconductor

Running out of UDBs too early

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I'm trying to fit as much as I possibly can into a PSoC4 - I want 2 quadrature decoders, 6 pwm outputs, and 3 serial modules

By putting two of the serials in to SCBs and the 2 quadrature decoders + 2 PWMs into TCPWM blocks, it just leaves enough for the remaining serial and PWMs in UDBa

I can put in 1 x 8 bit double output PWM modules with no trouble, giving me a total of 4 pwm outputs. When I build, this reports enough resources remaining to add another PWM. However, when I try, it says "5 UDBs required" :(

Can any one shed any light on this?

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When you provide us with a "Workspace Bundle" we all can compile and check what's going on, with so few information any presumptions are pure guesswork.



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According to the data sheet, a 8bit-PWM with two outputs needs 9 macro cells. Since one UDB has 4 MCs, this PWM will consume 3 UDBs. Two of them might be shared with other components, though. But you won't get two of them, since this would require 5 UDBs (because you need 18MCs).

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