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Regarding I2C in Psoc 4 | Cypress Semiconductor

Regarding I2C in Psoc 4

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 Hello everyone,

I have a problem with sending i2c data. I use pioneer kit psoc4 but when I try to send somedata with i2c, it has no anysignal because I try measure it with osciloscope.

This is my code:

 #include <device.h>

int main()








I try to write code simply to test i2c signal. I set pin out of i2c signal as P4[0] and P4[1].


Please help me,

Thank you so much.

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You actually do not send much data. The start condition will not be acknowledged by your slave since you never made up a real connection which needs


Send one or more bytes

Stop or Restart

In case of Restart read some bytes.


All the functions return a value that can be an error-status, have a look into the datasheet. So best is to check for errors.


What is the device you are talking to? Link to datasheet??



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There are several example projects you can look at , start page of Creator,

"Find Example..."


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