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PSOC4 SPI Using | Cypress Semiconductor


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Hi All! 

I am using the CY8C4126AZI-M445 as MCU. I will control 31 capacitive sensors and I will drive to led display also. So, I have to optimize pin using.

For this reason, I plan to use HC595 ICs to drive display via SPI. But I won’t use MISO pin in our project and I don’t want to assign any pin for MISO of SPI. When I try don’t assign, after build operation, complier assign automatically. What can I do ? PSOC4 SCB Module(Ver 3.10) has not bidirectional option for SPI. Could you guide to me what can I do use SPI module with only 3 pins ( MOSI,SS,SCK) ? 

Thanks in advance

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Hi Tuna,


The compoent has an option to remove the MISO pin in the component configuration.

You can use this option if MISO is not required.





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Hi Keerthi,

Thank you for this valuable and helpful comments !! It is a solution that i was looking  .

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