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PSOC4 PWM Interrupt with On-board Button | Cypress Semiconductor

PSOC4 PWM Interrupt with On-board Button

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 Hi everyone. 

How would I implement an interrupt that changes the duty cycle of an PWM output with the rising edge of the on-board button?


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Can be rather simple or a bit more complicated. Just connect an isr-component to the pin and write an interrupt handler. Have a look into the "System Reference Guide" for CY_ISR and CY_ISR_PROTO and use isr_StartEx(YourHandler).

To be more complicated: Switches use to bounce, so a de-glitcher would be better.

And have a look into the schematics of your board, most switches connect to Gnd, so you'll have to look for a falling edge, not a rising one.



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For debounce routines take a look at attached for SW solutions. HW is

precious on PSOC 4.


To change the PWM DC you use its PWM_WriteCompare function API,

see component datasheet for PWM.


Regards, Dana.

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